Our laterally strong studio with 30 years of combined experience in Design, Placemaking, Landscape Architecture, Urban Planning, & Branding is composed of an International group with backgrounds in agriculture, art history, ecology, language, horticulture, technical expertise, and theater. We are proud of our fledgling firm, our diverse makeup, and all of the work we have done individually and as a group locally and globally; working on projects that meet and exceed local, state, federal and international standards for accessibility, sustainability and lovability with various firms, developers, government agencies and community groups.

We are a young firm composed of experienced professionals with divergent backgrounds that serve to balance each other, leading towards a more cohesive yet rich story from which to draw the bones, arch and details of a space. We are committed to improving the public and private realm through sustainably innovative, and socially vibrant places that connect everyone through the Story of their Space. It is from this connection of Story to Space that we begin and always return for our inspiration to keep projects on track from concept to finishing details. We believe that care for communities is at the heart of developing a place that resonates with people and that the historical, current & future narrative of a place’s Story is what builds love, respect and connection.



Mr. Hawley found his love of landscape through a winding path in ecology, gardening, farming, and the humanities. As he grew, his family’s background in engineering, art and business helped him to find a path that met his love of engineering and culture; Open Space and Landscape Planning. Now, not a day passes without a trip into the park with his 2 dogs and 2 daughters where discussions of biology, design and puddle jumping ensues. As a Designer he has worked for award winning firms across North America with clients and projects in 6 continents ranging from local community groups to International Corporations.

He prides himself in his ability to find the unique, simple, and humane aspects of landscape that help to make a place not simply one of many, but to call out the intrinsic qualities that make it one of a kind. His open and positive disposition brings a basis for cooperative and open collaboration with his peers, clients and community.



Ms. Kang is one of the founding design partners at Fieldscape, based in California, USA. She has been working as a landscape architect and urban designer over a decade on various types of projects from intimate garden scale to large campus, and planning scale projects locally and internationally. Prior to opening her own practice, she worked as a project manager, and design lead at the SWA Group, leading project teams from concept design, design development to project execution.

She enjoys bringing in creative, fun, and innovative design solutions to projects. And her favorite phase of projects is developing detail designs and working closely with contractors, further experimenting with designs and materials.

Aside from working as a landscape architect, Ms. Kang enjoys creating art installations. Her recent interest is in representation of fractals in two dimensional, and three dimensional. Her work is created by labor intensive hand craftsmanship which works as an inspiration to her landscape design language.

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Mr. Gache grew up in San Francisco, where his appreciation for both open and urban spaces was nurtured by nature in a bustling city. During his youth, Riz participated in promoting environmental and cultural awareness with non-profit programs such as the San Francisco Conservation Corps and various SF SOMA youth groups. Now a landscape architect with a professional career of over 24 years, he has worked for several stellar Bay Area offices ranging from corporate A & E firms to smaller, more design specific studios. With his own firm and as a consultant, he has managed numerous large scale projects and worked closely with architects, engineers, city agencies, contractors, and most notably the Community.

Riz enjoys volunteering with the Friends of the Urban Forest and the Sunnyside Conservatory near his house. He also spends quality free time camping in the woods with his daughter, trekking the eastern Nevada desert on his motorcycle, and hiking Glen Park Canyon with his dog. As his passion for landscape architecture strengthens, he continues to collaborate with other professionals in the industry -- seeking out new design techniques and analytical solutions. From schematic design to final construction, Riz is devoted to creating ecological, beautiful and inspiring landscapes.